Experiencing True Freedom

                 “Your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness”  

                                                                                 ~Eckhart Tolle                                                                                                                                                           

Have you ever wondered why people perceive the same events differently? For example take a crime scene where you have 5 different eyewitnesses. You typically will find 5 completely different stories of that same crime.  This doesn’t only happen with things in the outer world, it also happens and probably more frequently in our inner experiences too. Think about how many people you know who have gone through the same thing you have, maybe a friend lied or a coworker took the position you wanted, but you had a completely different experience than they did.

How you interpret something is what makes all the difference.  It’s not what happens in life that causes upset or happiness, it’s how you interpret what happens that determines how you feel about it. That is why some people are unhappy even in paradise and other people blissed out living with hardly anything materially.


Victor Frankel, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, discovered that some people in the camps were suffering terribly, while others were doing better.  He realized that this was because there is a gap between what happens in the physical world and how we interpret in our minds what is happening. He says that in that gap is our freedom to choose. I think that’s important enough to reiterate…There is a gap between what happens in reality and how we put meaning on to what happens. In that space between, is our freedom.  We have the power to question and live beyond the limiting stories we hear in our heads. A lot of the time we make what happens mean something about ourselves when in reality, that was just a made up story. When we make things mean something about ourselves we get caught even further in the illusion.

My invitation is to pay attention to what the recurring themes are in the stories you have been unconsciously buying into.  The fact that you can observe the story (voice in your head) means that you are not it. What observes the story is not caught in it. Being aware is the hardest part so once you are aware, that moment becomes your opportunity to experience true freedom.  To honestly ask yourself, “is this even true?”


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